Can a Laptop be Protected by Using a Backpack?

The title of this article is a question that’s asked by a lot of travelers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling casually or you’re traveling for business. People love traveling with backpacks and, unfortunately, there is some sort of trade-off.

After all, if you are traveling with an attaché case or some sort of hard-shell case, you can easily see that whatever you have inside the case is well-protected. In fact, a lot of luggage have a lot of extra padding to make sure that whatever it is you’re keeping inside the case is well-insulated and well-protected.

For a backpack, you’re basically rolling the dice. It really all depends on the design of the backpack. This is why a lot of people automatically think that if they’re going to be carrying around their laptop, they probably would need a specialized bag that can be found among the best laptop backpack or even a hard-shell case

Of course, this kind of crimps their style because you really can’t hit a trail wearing an attaché case. You’re trying to see the mountains and check out the beaches and river ways. You’re not going to the office. So, what are you doing carrying a business luggage around on a nature trail?

That’s a fair question to ask and, thankfully, there are backpacks that are specially designed to carry laptops. How do you know? Pay attention to the following features. If the backpack you’re thinking of using with your laptop has these features, chances are it would do a decent job protecting your mobile computer.

Snug, Compact Form

Usually, when people think of backpacks, they think about these monstrous, oversized wearable bags. You really can’t blame them for thinking this way because usually, when people go backpacking, they pack a lot of stuff. They pack their tent. They pack their cooking equipment. They obviously pack their clothing. All sorts of stuff are supposed to go into bed and that’s why it’s shaped the way it is.

Unfortunately, if you’re going to be carrying around a laptop and you don’t have enough stuff around it to insulate it, it’s going to a rock around. There’s going to be too much loose space and you shouldn’t be surprised if you lose your balance and end up falling on your laptop.

There’s just simply not enough padding in that situation for your laptop to avoid damage. This doesn’t happen all the time but there’s a good chance that it can happen.

So, do yourself a big favor. When you’re out looking for a backpack, make sure that it fits your laptop snugly enough. Either it has proper padding around it or it is thick in the right places so that it can absorb a quite a bit of shock and ensure that your laptop isn’t rocking a lot while you’re moving around with your backpack.

Enough Space for Accessories

When people carry around a laptop, they’re not just carrying around the computer itself. It’s not like you’re just transporting a unit that has a screen and a keyboard. There’s a lot more to a laptop. You obviously need a power supply. You might have certain cables. If you prefer a remote or independent wireless mouse, you need space for that. You might even need a second keyboard.

Well-designed laptop backpacks are designed for accessories. Not only do they accommodate these extra items and additional peripherals, their designed also provide an added measure of security.

How come? They are strategically cut and designed so that when you load accessories around your laptop, it actually provides better padding around your laptop. Not only does this maximize space, but it also gives extra protection to your mobile computer.

Easy Comfort

It’s easy to think that if you find a backpack that can load your laptop, given enough padding, that you have yourself a good product. No. That’s not necessarily the case. You have to pick a backpack that is easy to take on and take off. It must be easy to access. It must be easy for you to quickly and reach in to grab what you need to grab and be done with your backpack.

In other words, it still has to do the job of a backpack. It cannot compromise very important features just because it’s protecting your computer or carrying your laptop. It has to still be a decent backpack.

A lot of people lose sight of this. They think that they just need a special backpack carrier for their laptop. If that’s the case and the design that you go with is so restricted and so compact, what you’ve managed to do is that you have doubled the backpacks you will be using. That’s right. You’re going to be using a general everyday-use backpack along with a laptop-specific backpack. In other words, you made your job twice as hard.

Not only is this too much of a hassle but, believe me, you’re out there in the great outdoors trying to enjoy open trails and bond with your friends. You’re trying to take in the very best that Mother Nature has to offer. The last thing that you want is to constantly think if your specialized laptop backpack is going to get stolen. So, make sure that you just take one backpack and make sure that it’s up to the job.

Powerful zipper

Usually, when people think of travel accessories or bags, they don’t really think about zippers. They get all caught up about looks, weight, and other factors. While these are important, you have to keep in mind that you will be constantly using your laptop.

You want to be able to open and close your backup with minimal hassle. You definitely don’t want the drama of having to replace your backpack because its zipper was not up to the job. There are many zipper designs out there. Go for a robust zipper with a thick design for that extra sporty look.

Keep the tips above in mind if you want to get the right backpack for your laptop.