Gift Ideas For Fitness Fanatics

If you are a fitness fanatic or you are thinking of giving gifts to a fitness fanatic, listen up. It’s not as easy as you think. A lot of people are under the impression that if they know somebody who is a big gym rat or a fitness buff that they have that person figured out.

Unfortunately, these people find out in the worst way possible that they really didn’t know their fitness fanatic friend all that well. They end up giving that person an all too generic fitness related gift and they fail to make the impression that they’re trying to create.

Remember, if you’re giving a gift, you’re trying to basically communicate to the other person how special they mean to you. This is especially true in a business setting. If you want to impress a potential new client, you have to know how to give gifts.

If you give them gifts the wrong way or if it’s obvious that you’re just going through the motions, your gift probably won’t stand out. Your brand or your company probably won’t be top of mind. Chances are they would overlook you when it comes time to make a big buy.

So do yourself a big favor. If you know that the recipient of your gift is a fitness fanatic, don’t just let the analysis begin and stop there. You have to pay close attention to the following gift ideas. This way, your gift will have a higher chance of standing out and making the right impression.

Work out preparation gifts

There are certain types of gifts that help people prepare for a workout. A lot of people think that if you are going to give a gift to a fitness nut that you just got to give them apparel or some sort of app. Instead, you might want to look at the bigger picture.

You might want to look at what happens before they do their workout. This part of a workout is actually just as important as the workout itself. People would appreciate gifts that make this part of their whole workout routine more manageable, more fun and more effective.

Give the gift of inspiration

A lot of fitness fanatics actually have a tough time staying motivated. If somebody tells you that they go to the gym 3 days a week, you can pretty much bet that that person is struggling to meet that schedule regularly.

After all, all sorts of random things pop up in our lives. We’re really busy, time is a luxury for most people and despite our best efforts, things just don’t pan out. We’d rather be somewhere else. There’s just so many different duties, obligations and responsibilities coming up all the time and we barely find the time to invest in ourselves.

This is why it’s really important to look beyond a person’s statement that they’re into fitness. That should just be the beginning of your inquiry. You should start looking at it in context. A little bit of empathy can go a long way because if you can see yourself in that person, you can see the frustration with scheduling.

So you have to ask yourself, “If this person is struggling to stay motivated, what kind of gift would put them over the edge? What kind of gift will truly benefit them as they seek to stick to their workout schedule.”

It doesn’t matter whether they work out twice a week, 3 times a week or more frequently. The key is consistency. If you’ve ever tried to lose weight or if you’ve ever tried to slim down and build up your muscles and get some nice gains going, you know what all this means. It’s all about consistency.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to stay consistently motivated. Accordingly, you can buy apps that get them motivated. You can even get them a nice motivational quote poster. There are many ways to play this. The key is to zero in on motivation because a lot of people overlook this when it comes to giving gifts to fitness fanatics.

Stay away from apparel

The previous tips are all about things that you should do when giving gifts to people who are fitness fans. I would be doing a big disservice if I did not give you this next tip. Please understand that you may be really excited about the running shorts that you usually wear. You may be in 7th heaven regarding the yoga pants that you always take to your yoga sessions.

But don’t for a minute think that just because you’re excited about those products that everybody else around you would share your enthusiasm. In fact, in many cases, people may raise their eyebrows and think to themselves why you like the products that you like.

Do you see the disconnect? So do yourself a big favor. When it comes to apparel, you might want to slow down. You might want to do a little bit of additional research until you’re sure that this person would appreciate the apparel that you have in mind. At the very least, make sure that you get the right size.

But even if you have the right size for your intended recipient, it doesn’t necessarily follow that you should give that person your apparel gift because of so many different factors. A lot of these factors, ultimately, are subjective.

Some people find certain fashions awesome and trendy while others think that they’re the corniest things in the world. Where do you stand? The problem with apparel is that it’s very personal. Unless the person you’re giving a gift to is your brother or sister, there are just too many details for you to stay on top of.

Do yourself a big favor and just dispense with apparel gifts altogether. Just treat this gift category as some sort of no man’s land or some sort of off limits territory. You’d be doing yourself a big favor.

Keep the tips above in mind if you want to give the very best fitness gifts to fitness fans. While they’re not the most discriminating gift recipients on the planet, please understand that everybody’s got preferences and it’s very easy to make the wrong call.

By doing a little bit of advanced research and pursuing the right gift giving strategy, you increase your chances of giving a gift that is truly appreciated and makes the right impression. Please understand that when you give a gift, you are essentially giving a part of yourself.

You are letting that person know, in no uncertain terms, what they mean to you. This is not just an empty gesture. You’re not just going through the motions. You have to make the right impression. A little bit of advanced thinking when it comes to gift giving can definitely go a long way when it comes to cultivating, maintaining and growing the value of your friendships and relationships.

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