Timeless clothing: 5 Trendy Clothing Items That Have Passed The Test of Time

Let’s get one thing clear. When it comes to fashion, tastes come and go. Trends sometimes have a very short shelf life. It seems that for some trends, the moment people hear about them is precisely the moment that that trend has died.

You don’t want to get stuck with clothing that is on the verge of being yesterday’s fashion. You don’t want to be the person in the office rocking a 1990’s look when people are trying to be hip and with it today.

What kind of clothing should you buy? How can you avoid buying stuff that is not going to be in fashion for long? Well, instead of looking for the hottest trends and picking up the right items at the right time so you can make the right impression with the right people, you can simplify things by just buying trendy clothing items that were trendy yesterday, are fashionable today and will continue to be trendy long into the future.

I am, of course, talking about classic pieces of clothing that can withstand the test of time. They have a solid track record of never going out of style. Here are the 5 clothing items that will always make you look cool and hip.

Black shirt

A black cotton shirt is elegance simplified. It doesn’t matter what decade it is. It doesn’t matter who the president is. It doesn’t matter whether there’s a recession or economic boom times. Solid black cotton shirts will always remain cool.

I’m talking about t-shirts. They can go with jeans. They can go with khakis. They can go with a wide range of pants. They can go with shorts. They are so versatile. Since you’re dealing with just a solid color, you can wear them during the day as well as at night.

There’s a reason why a lot of trendy Europeans like the French and Italians have a fondness for black shirts. They are very easy to accessorize. You can easily mix and match them with other more trendy items of clothing. Those trendier pieces of apparel may come and go but you can bet that their centerpiece-your simple black shirt-won’t go out of style. Talk about staying power!

Classic cut khakis

What is a classic cut? Classic cut is a straight leg cut. Not too narrow. Not too wide. If you stick with the classic cut khakis, you’re pretty much good to go for several decades. The great thing about khakis is that they never really go out of style.

They kind of go into dormancy before they become hot again. Then they go dormant again. They never go completely cold. In fact, you can buy a khaki line from stores like The Gap 20 years ago and they would still look awesome today.

Why do people have a fondness for khakis? Well, they can look great both at home and in the office. They can also take quite a bit of punishment. You can change a tire while wearing khakis.

After all, khakis were originally used by British military in the tropics. Still, despite the history of this fabric, it can be cut in a stylish way that ensures you remain classy regardless of whatever situation you find yourself in. Talk about grace under pressure!


Chino pants are awesome precisely because they are classic. When people look at chino pants outfits, they see people who prefer sophistication and class without necessarily blowing through a lot of bucks. If you want to look rich, sophisticated, educated or just like somebody who appreciates the finer things in life, invest in a few pairs of nice chinos.

The great thing about chinos is they don’t grab the spot light. They don’t grab people by the eyeballs and yells at them “Look at me!” They are understated and and that’s part of their charm.

Yoga pants

I understand. Yoga pants are very trendy nowadays. In fact, the narrower the pants, the better. But yoga pants have been around for a while and they’ve always looked good. What makes these pants classic is the fact that you can always use them for casual wear.

You don’t even have to think about it. even if yoga pants go out of style, you can still use them in a casual setting. Eyebrows won’t be raised. They fit the setting because they are functional, they look good and they’re affordable.

Black pants

If you’re looking for a piece of clothing that will always withstand the test of time, black pants is the way to go. It doesn’t matter whether you are going somewhere during the day or you have a night time affair. Black pants can fit the bill.

Now, the big issue here is the type of materials for your pants. If you’re fairly conservative, you might want to stick to an all cotton blend. If you are a little bit more edgy, you have a lot more materials available to you.

Still, if you go for black pants with a classic cut, you will go quite far when it comes to the versatility and timelessness of your wardrobe. You can wear it with more trendy items. As those items come and go with fast changing consumer fashion tastes, you can still hang on to your pants. In fact, this strategy is a good way of saving money.

Spend less on trendy stuff, spend more on the stuff that will stand the test of time. Now, that’s smart fashion spending. Too many fashionistas spend money hand over fist on items that are on the verge of going obsolete. They spend all that cash on those items yet when the time comes they don’t want to be caught dead in them. Sad.

Keep the tips above in mind if you don’t want to ever be left behind by fashion trends. It would suck to be that guy wearing clothing from 30 years ago. By sticking to the classics, you not only look smart, sophisticated, classy and even rich without having to blow through a lot of cash. How’s that for staying classy?

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